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Rétromobile 2019

Rétromobile is the main event of the "Classic Car Week", which takes place in Paris in February.
This year, the amount of must see was incredible, with a lot of brokers playing the bidding. Girardo and Kidston were rookies for this 2019 edition but have set the threshold very high. For Kidston, it was a Lamborghini Miura fireworks, with 2 SVJ and the Miura Roadster (ex ZN 75). Girardo took position with a rather impressive display : Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari 365 GTS, Maserati MC12 Corsa, Lanica 037 GrB or Mercedes CLK GTR.
Other unbelievable displays were the Lancia and Citroën Chapron exhibitions organized by Lukas Hüni, with line ups of Stratos or Chapron DS
For 'The Cultivated Collector', the young timer Supercars were honored : Porsche 993 GT Evo, Mercedes CLK GTR, Jaguar XJR15 and a very exotic Schuppan 962 CR.

Aston Martin :
Vanquish, Vantage V600 Le Mans, DB4 GT Zagato, DB5 Vantage, DB4, DB4 GT
DBR9, DB4, DB4 GT Lightweight, DB4 Cabriolet, DB MkIII, V8 Volante
1500, Ulster, DB2, DB6 Vantage

6 ½ Litre Tourer, 4 1/4 Tourer, Speed Six Coupé Gurney Nutting, 8L Weyman Saloon Mulliner, 3L, S1 Continental

Jaguar :
C Type, XJ220, XJ220, XJR15, Lister Knobbly, XK120 Farina, E Type Lightweight

Mc Laren :
F1 GTR Long Tail, MP4/31, M7C, MP4/25, MP4/4, M23, MP4/2, M14D, MP4/13

Various english cars:
Lotus Elise GT1, Lotus Esprit S2 'World Champion' Edition, Chevron B16, Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Jensen CV-8, HWM Jaguar

Alfa Romeo :
6C 1750, Giulia TZ, Giulia TZ, 750 Competizione, 6C 1750, 6C 1750
6C 2500 SS Coupe Touring, Giulia SZ, Tipo 33 TT12, Tipo 33 TT3, SZ30, 8C Spyder, Giulia SZ, Abarth 1000 Balbiero, Tipo 33/3

Ferrari :
308 Carma GrV, 365 GTB4 GrIV, 250 GT SWB, 365 GTC4, 166 MM
365 GTS4 'targa', 275 GTB, 275 GTB, 275 GTB, 275 GTB4, 365 GTS4, 365 GTS4, 365 GTB4, 365 GTB4
F40, F40, F40, F40, 288 GTO
288 GTO, 512 BBi, Enzo, 250 GT Spyder California, 512 BBi, 512 BBi, Dino 246 GT, 212 Export, 712 Can Am

250 GTE, 330 GTC, LaFerrari Aperta, F50, 365 GTB4, 330 GT, 195 Inter Ghia, 308 GTB GrIV, LaFerrari

Maserati :
250 F, 4 CLT, Bora 4.9, 5000 GT Allemano, Ghibli Spyder
MC12 Corsa, 3500 GT, Sebring, 3500 GT, Shamal, 3500 GTi Speziale, Ghibli, Sebring
A6GCS Barchetta, Ghibli, 3500 GT, Bora 4.9, 3500 GT, Mistral

Lancia :
Stratos Stradale, Bertone Stratos HF, Stratos GrIV, Lambda Torpedo, Flaminia Cabriolet, Flaminia Sport Zagato, Aurelia B24S America, Stratos GrIV
Monte Carlo Silhouette Gr5, Stratos Stradale, D23 Barchetta, Stratos Stradale, Astura Farina, Astura Torpedo Sport Viotti
Stratos Stradale, Stratos Stradale, 037 Stradale, 037 GrB, Stratos Stradale, Stratos Stradale, Aurelia B24S America, Stratos Stradale, 037 GrB

Lamborghini :
Miura Roadster, Miura SVJ, the 1965 Torino Motorshow Miura rolling chassis, Miura P400S Millechiodi, Miura SVJ
350 GT Interim, 400 GT Touring Flying Star II, Miura P400, Jalpa 3.5, 350 GT, Miura SV
350 GT, Islero S, Miura SV, Miura P400, Diablo SV

Bugatti :
EB110 GT, EB110 Supersport, EB110 GT, Veyron, Type 55 Grand Sport
Type 54 Grand Prix, Type 54A Roadster, Type 55 Vanvooren, Type 57 Ventoux, Type 57C cabriolet gangloff, Type 57S Roadster Dubos, Type 30 Torpédo Lavocat & Marsaud, Type 40 Grand Sport, Type 37A

Citroën :
DS LeDandy, DS Lorraine, DS Majesty, DS LeLeman, DS Concorde, DS LeDandy, DS LeParis, DS La Croisette, DS LeCaddy
SM Mylord, CX 2400 Chapron, DS LeCaddy, SM 'LeMylord', DS Cabriolet Chapron, DS Cabriolet Chapron
DS Concorde, DS Cabriolet Chapron, DS LeLeman, Concept Experience, Activa 2, GS Camargue

Various France:
Ligier JS7, Facel Vega HkII, Facel Vega HKII, Venturi 600 LM GT1, Renault 5 Turbo, Renault F1 RE20, Peugeot E-Legend, Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport, Talbot Lago T14 America

WM P80, WM P88, Delahaye 135MS ACT/B.Brulé, Delahaye 135 M Figoni & Falaschi, Delahaye 135M Chapron, Delahaye 235 Cabriolet Antem

Porsche :
Ruf CTR2, 904 GTS, 993 GT Evo, 935 K3, 906, 936, Schuppan 962 CR
911 Almeras, 911 Carrera RS 3.0, 908, 911 R, Carrera GT, 964 turbo 3.6

Mercedes :
CLK GTR, 560 SEC AMG, SLR 722GT, CLK GTR, CLK GTR Racing, 540 K, Maybach G65 AMG Landaulet
300 SL Gullwing and Roadster
300 SL Gullwing and Roadster, 540 K, 26/120/180 Tourer Sindelfingen, 770 Cabriolet D

M1, M1 Procar, 507, M1 Procar, 320 Gr. 5, 328

US cars :
Matech Ford GT3, AC Cobra 289, Saleen S7/R, Ford GT40 MkI, AC Cobra 289, Classic Destiny Tiffany, De Lorean DMC12, Ford P68

Various :
Hispano Suiza K6, Horch 853, Tatra 87, Iso Grifo 7 L, Iso Grifo A3C