ZA9AB0E0MCD39002, identified as A3
Navy blue
Factory car

The prototypes A3 (aluminium chassis 39002) is finished early 1991 and paint in Navy Blue. The car is running on many european tracks during the 1991 year and is used in particular for testing and set up the pollutant emission levels.
The A3 car has been then slightly refurbished (painted arch extensions, addition of the rear spoiler on the engine bonnet, chromed central bolt on rims) and apparently, the car was owned by Jean Marc Borel and stored in France, perhaps near Gap. The A3 prototype has been exhibited at the Avignon Motor Festival, side by side with the EB110 GT chassis 39080.
The A3 prototype seems nowadays in a Swiss private collection.

Thanks to : Passione Automobile (R. Frere, F. Cooreman)
Pictures credits : unknown authors.

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