ZA9AB0E0MCD39003, identified as A4
French blue
Factory car

The prototypes A4 (aluminium chassis 39003) is finished early 1991 and paint in French Blue (or Bugatti blue). The car was used for testing the four wheel drive repartition. This model had known a lot of mechanical evolutions, with for example different solutions for the exhaust system, the rims or the rear spoiler. On the front bonnet, aeration vents and turning lights were painted in mate black. In mid 1991, this model was used on track, in particular the Nurburgring with JP Vittecoq. The press was invited to drive the car during tests (Sport Auto N°354, July 1991, Exotic Cars Quaterly), fitted with a German licence plate (ES-04492).
This 110 proto was exhibited at the presentation in Paris at La Defense and at the car museum "Centre International de l'Automobile", in Pantin, during the inauguration day the 14th of september, 1991. The 15th of september, #39003 was bring to a public exhibition organised in Molsheim, licensed in Italy MO 2020. The car was then stored at the factory, in the Experimental Division.
At the bankruptcy, this prototype was recovered by B-Engineering in Italy. It seems the car is nowadays in a Swiss private collection.
Thanks to : Passione Automobile (R. Frere, F. Cooreman)
Pictures credits : Sport Auto, R. Chester, gammarapho, Passione Automobile, Fangio678

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