ZA9CC030E RCD 39003

The EB112 chassis #ZA9CC030E0 RCD 39003 is the last EB112 ever made. The car was completed in Monaco at the MRT workshop and front and rear lights are different from the chassis #39002. For the rear lights, the same design was used than the 2nd Epowood mock up and the front lights were fitted with a high beam reflector, never seen until there.
This car joined the Gildo Pastor Bugatti herd, in the company of the EB112 prototype #39001, the EB110 SC (chassis #39044) and two US prototypes, the silver one used for the World Ice Speed Record (#SS39017) and the blue #SS39030.
EB112 #39003 was heavily used for media purposes by G. Pastor and was tried by many magazines. The car used the license plate W077 at the beginning and then, was licensed in Monaco X067.
The new mediatic life of EB112 #39003 will take place in many events :
2003 Louis Vuitton Classic (Paris-F)
2006 Schlumpf Collection (Mulhouse -F)
2009 AutoWorld (Bruxelles -B)
During years, the car was stored in the ex MRT Pastor building, in Monaco.
In june 2015, the car was seen running through Monaco streets and sume rumors said the car was sold. However, #39003 was still with the MC licence plate.
July, 2015
A french Bugatti enthusiast has bought th
e 3 cars from the Pastor Collection : the EB112 chassis #39003, the EB110 SS39017 and the EB110 #39044 WSC-GT.

August, 27, 2015
The EB112 #39003 is in France, in Dorlisheim, at the Bugatti SAS domain, with a french garage licence plate (W-563-FX, with MC logo on the side).

September 13th, 2015
The car was exhibited at the Festival des Enthousiastes Bugatti Alsace in Molsheim during a Concours d'Elegance.

December, 2015
The Bugatti triplet is annonced for sale at the next Retromobile Auction in February 2016, organized by Artcurial. In the catalogue, each cars are illustrated with pictures made at the Dorlisheim castle.
Artcurial catalogue extract :
"Lot 217:
This EB 112 is offered in the most superb condition, not a scrape or even the slightest scratch. The panels are perfectly aligned and the 17 inch wheels make a subtle reference to the Royale's wheels. The leather upholstery is uncreased and the stitching immaculate. Gildo Pallanca Pastor's intense desire to follow in Ettore Bugatti's footsteps comes through strongly and contributes strongly to the charm of this hand built car. Amazingly the car looks new, even though it was built out of 20 year old parts. It comes with its two original black leather suitcases and an umbrella with a handle in the shape of the rampant elephant, like the one sculpted by Rembrandt Bugatti to grace the bonnet of the Royale.
Gildo used the car while he still lived in Monaco and was sometimes spotted driving it in the Principality. The present owner bought it last year. The car starts on the button, drives perfectly and was driven under its own power to the recent Bugatti Festival in Molsheim. This car is a thoroughbred, there are only two of them and we all have to thank Gildo Pallanca Pastor for bringing them to life. It's a masterpiece by one of the greatest designers of the century, it's got one of the most famous names in the history of the automobile and it's got a powerful engine. Well, do you want any more superlatives ? I don't know where you could find more in any one car. "

2016, February
The 3 cars are on display at the Retromobile Motorshow, and the EB112 was still with Monaco papers and Monaco licence plate (446X). However, despite an offer of more than 1 million euro, the car has not been sold.

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