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Arrived in Italy in 1955, Alessandro De Tomaso has created his own cars enterprise 4 years later, in Modena. After the exclusive and beautiful Mangusta, De Tomaso, associated with Ford, has presented in 1969 the Pantera, a concurrent for the Corvette. The powerful (and rustical) Ford V8 5,7 L and the body shape due to Tom Tjaarda were advantages for the american market, but not at all for the european one, more attracted by more refined mechanics. The Pantera has given to De Tomaso an industrial dimension and were distributed directly by Ford in the USA.
This model has known several evolutions during more than 20 years of production :

The basic model were the Pantera L, with the 300 bhp V8.
This is the purest body shape for the Pantera.
De Tomaso Pantera L
The GTS evolution have got the 330 bhp Ford specification.
An arodynamic spoiler is present at the front of the car.
De Tomaso Pantera GTS
During the 80's, the Pantera, as well as the Countach of Lamborghini, has weared a large wide body. The engine is now the 350 bhp version, and an air intake is located near the rear rim. It is the GT5 model.
De Tomaso Pantera GT5
In the late 80's, the Pantera try to appear younger, and a restyling is operated in order to integrate the wide body. Angles are more rounds and the back air intake is now part of the body shape. The engine is still the 350 bhp Ford V8.
De Tomaso Pantera GT5S
In the 90's, De Tomaso has tried a come back with the Pantera, using Gandini as ambassador. The famous designer has changed the nose of the car and put a large air wing, with some esthetic elements typical of the Gandini style of the 90's. A targa version is proposed. The engine is still a V8 Ford, but this is the 305 bhp injection version. A strange mix for a quite old car... the Pantera 20th wasn't a success.
De Tomaso Pantera 20th

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