ZA9AB01E0NCD39011 (C12)
Special silver with blue reflects
Dual tone light grey/dark grey
Factory car

The EB110 GT #39011 is the first EB110 exhibited in public with a configuration identical to future production model (GT rims, mirrors, intermediate door's sill, rear lights with stripes). The particularity of the GT39011 is its color, a special silver with blue shades, that will remain its specificity for a long time. The car was exhibited at the 1992 Mondial of Paris Motorshow (France), side by side with the first Supersport prototype GT39008.

1992, late :
Once the Paris Motorshow ended, the GT39011 left spotlights to devote itself to a tougher car development life
. In coordination with Bosh, JP Vittecoq, L. Bicocci and part of the technical staff were in Sweden during winter 1992 to perform temperature tests and to achieve the set up of the ABS system.
The C12 and C7 cars was used for the tests, equiped with BBS gold rims.

1993, spring :
The car is brought back to Italy to serve as a development mule, among other things to complete the fine adjustments of the braking system.

As often with Bugatti developmental car, the GT39011 was
then used for crash tests:

1994, May 5th:
TUV Rheinland (Germany), Std 214 (Side impact), Honeycomb crabbed moving barrier, 1 Dummy at driver's seat, speed V=54,5 kmh,
Then, the GT39011 was refurbished at the factory.

1994, Aug 31st:
TNO (Holland), Std 214 and Std 301 (front 30 degrees crash), 30 degrees iron plate fixed on concrete barrier, 2 Hybrid III Dummies, Airbag (driver and passenger), Speed V=48,4 km.
It seems the car was then destructed.

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