ZA9AB01E0NCD39012 (C13)
Bugatti Blue
Special extended light grey with light grey plastic parts
Factory car

The C13 prototype has a really special and complicated history.

1992 : The car was a developmental prototype finished in dark green metallic with a grey leather trim, built in 1992 on the Aerospatiale carbon chassis N°12. The car was hardly used for road test and engine developments.
GT 39012 was used to promote Bugatti during the early phase of the EB110 adventure. The car was exhibited in december 1992 at the Bologna Motorshow and on February 4th, 1993 in UK, at the Grosvenor House Hotel of London.

In 1994, the car, refurbished in Blue Bugatti, was used again by the factory to perform emission tests for the Swiss and USA specifications. For this, many modifications were done on the engine, the injection, the exhaust system and the fuel tanks. Bugatti Automobili re stamped the car into ZA9CB02U7RCD39012. An another car, identical to this one, was perhaps set up by the factory to complete the USA development tests.

1996 : At the moment of Bugatti Automobili’s bankruptcy in 1996, the judicial officier in charge of the liquidation planned to sale the cars present in the factory. The C13 car was once again technically and administratively modified, and the car recover its first chassis number : ZA9AB01E0NCD39012.
The engine was replaced by a refurbished one found in the factory (N°41). This engine comes from the GT39044.
On September 26th 1996, the car was registered in Italy with the registration plate AM 389 LA.
The German enterprise Dauer Racing bought the C13 car during the auction and made an interview on the renewal of the EB110 using this GT model, in the german magazine "Automobil", in april 2001.
Dauer modify it in Nuremberg : new custom interior with a special extended very light grey, with new color matched plastic parts, serial GT rims. The car was completely restored in the same Bugatti blue with some Dauer specifications : new aluminium panel between the two rears lights with a central Bugatti logo, typical from last EB110 production models, a license plate holder in the front spoiler, ungraved 110 proto plate fixed by Dauer on the side of the driver door.The car was sale in Switzerland.

2012 : The car was announced for sale at Bonhams "Les Grandes Marques", at Monaco in may 2012, with 830 km only at the clock. The car remained unsold, perhaps due to its cahotic early life. However, the car is actually in a wonderfull condition. The car was then exhibited a the Monaco Motor Museum during some weeks.

2013 : #39012 was for sale in Netherlands at A nice photosession was made by Marc Vorgers.

2014 : The car was under service in Germany, at the Reishel's workshop.
2015 : #39012 was sold in USA and licensed in Illinois. The car was seen during a Car & Coffee in Chicago.

Pictures credits : Bonhams, J. Gutowsky, J. Giambaldi, M. Vorgers, A. Amenasce, unknown authors

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